About Sweet Bean Bakery

Award winning cake designer Robin Diaz is the not only the owner but the baker at Sweet Bean’s Bakery. Baking has seen a recurring role in Robin’s life for many years. It wasn’t until just a few years when she decided to go back to college and get a degree, that baking became a permanent fixture. Through her years at the Art Institute in Sacramento, Robin has completed in baking competitions as far away as San Diego and Las Vegas. Her proudest moment was receiving a bronze medal in Las Vegas, as she went up against fellow cake designers from some of the top Las Vegas casinos.

Robin has used her education at the Art Institute to not only broaden her palate but also to develop her business skills to help with her newest endeavor; Sweet Bean’s Bakery. After several months of research and development with recipes, the time has come for Robin to share those results with you. Our guests can enjoy a variety of freshly made pastries. The only difference: the pastries are ever rotating and evolving from cinnamon rolls to croissants to éclairs to cupcakes and everything in between.

• Specialty Custom BakeShop • Specializing in Special Occasion cakes, any day of the week • Storefront serves daily pastries, specialty coffees.Now Serving Lunch. Our new hours are Monday-Friday 6am-3pm